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New Releases April 16, 2021

New Releases April 16, 2021

Dan and Shay are back with a new acoustic version of their hit, “Glad You Exist.” Check out our full review here.

Lizzie Cates is back with a new single, “We Can’t Be Friends.” Check out our full review here.

Ryan Hagan just released a new remix of his hit single, “Don’t Let Me Stop.” – (Steve Smart and Jovan Bloom Remix). Check it out below. You can also check out our full interview with Ryan, here.

Jordana Bryant is back with a new single, “Last First.” Check out our full review here.

Liddy Clark released a new single, “We Both Know.” You can read our full review here and stream below.

Anne Wilson just came out with a new single, “My Jesus.” This beautiful song showcases Anne’s vocals perfectly. Such a well written song with a powerful message behind it. Check it out below and stream on all major streaming platforms.

Stephanie Ryann is back with a new single, “Broken Heart.” Check it out below!

Bryan Lanning released Going Home EP today. Check out the full EP below.

Nick Leidl released his single, “Jealous.” You can stream it below.

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Shawn Bilton released “Burn a Memory.” Available on all major streaming platforms and you can stream below.

Tucker Wetmore released his official video for his single, “Kiss My A$$.” Check it out below.

Clayton Shay released his highly anticipated new video for his single, “Signed, Another Man.” The video has already surpassed 1 Million views on YouTube.

Remember to check out our full New Music Friday Playlist below. Give it a follow for all up to date new releases.

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