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New Releases | April 23, 2021

New Releases | April 23, 2021

We have some exciting music that just released today. Make sure to check them out below!

The Weeknd and Ariana Grande – Remix of “Save Your Tears.” It’s the pair’s third collaboration, following 2014’s “Love Me Harder” and “Off The Table” from her latest album Positions

Tom Jones – Tom is back with his first collection in five years, Surrounded By Time. The record is eclectic collection of covers, plus one original track. Check it out below!

Ryan Hagan – Ryan just released, “Dont Let Me Stop” – Moto Blanco Remix. You can also check out the full review we did of the original single and check out our exclusive interview, here.

He also released his Official Music Video for his, “Don’t Let Me Stop,” single. Check it out below!

CASSANDRA – Pop singer/songwriter CASSANDRA just released her debut EP entitled “Made for Me.” 

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Juna N Joey – Singer-songwriter, brother-and-sister Pop/Country duo Juna N Joey’s new video, “Something Good To Miss” is now available on their Youtube Channel,

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