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Jordana Bryant | “Last First”

Jordana Bryant | “Last First”

Jordana Bryant

We have previously featured Jordana Bryant with her singles, “Not Sayin,” and “This Love.” After the success of both singles, Jordana is back with a new single, “Last First.” Check out this catchy single below.

“Last First,” is a love song about really just being with someone. You could be someone’s last first kiss, last first date or last first anything really. That is the beauty of being in a relationship. The possibilities are endless. Vocally, she sounds beautiful in the new track. Her vocals are pushed to the front, which pays off in the end. The message of the song is the standout here though. The good thing with Country Music, is that it tells a story and brings the listener in, and that is what Jordana does here. Make sure to stream “Last First,” on all major streaming platforms.

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