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Ben Barnes | “Songs For You” – EP Review

Ben Barnes | “Songs For You” – EP Review

Ben Barnes is an English actor and singer from London who is perhaps known for his portrayal of Prince Caspian in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ film series. After being cast in a host of television ventures, Ben played Logan Delos on HBO’s hit series, ‘Westworld’, and went on to play Billy Russo on Netflix’s ‘The Punisher’. He is also known for such appearances as Tom Ward in ‘Seventh Son’, Dorian Gray in ‘Dorian Gray’, Samuel Adams in the miniseries ‘Sons of Liberty,’ and General Kirigan in Shadow and Bone. Ben Barnes just released his EP, “Songs For You.”

Ben just released his highly anticipated EP, Songs For You. Check out the full Official Music Video for his single, “Rise Up,” below!

“Rise Up,” is such a great song. It has a beautifully haunting vibe to it, which pays off in this EP. Ben really showcases his vocals in this track. “Rise Up,” is more piano driven, which is very refreshing in todays music landscape.

To make things even better, he enlisted Westwold costar Evan Rachel Wood for his 11:11 video. Another strong addition to this beautifully done EP.

He picks up the pace with “Pirate Song,” and “Not the End,” showcases his rich, resonant vocals. It closes with powerhouse vocals with the beautiful track,“Ordinary Day.I was first introduced to Ben Barnes in The Chronicles of Narnia series, and then again in Westworld. It is really refreshing that such a strong actor is also a just a strong artist/vocalist, which is very evident in the new EP, “Songs For You.”

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If you are a fan of genuinely good music, check out Ben Barnes on all major streaming platforms. You can also follow Ben on Twitter here. You can also head to Music On The Rox, for some awesome music news and reviews.

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