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Kelly Clarkson | When Christmas Comes Around… – Album Review

Kelly Clarkson | When Christmas Comes Around… – Album Review

Kelly Clarkson

Who is ready for some Christmas music?! Well wait no longer, Kelly Clarkson is here to lift our spirits and put us in the Christmas mood. Kelly just released her highly anticipated Christmas album, When Christmas Comes Around. In honor of this huge release, we have decided to do a breakdown review of each track on the album. Check it out below.

Merry Christmas Baby

As the opening track of an album, it is important that it stands out. “Merry Christmas Baby,” does just that. It has an old timey sound but is also super refreshing. Her vocals have been missing from the music scene lately. It is great that she is back and ready to conquer the Christmas season again.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Here Kelly is taking on a classic holiday song, “It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas.” Who knew this song had so many lyrics? She handles them like the professional she is. The vocals are the real standout here. She always impresses.

Christmas Isn’t Canceled (Just You)

This is the lead single from the new Christmas album. No doubt, it is inspired by her recent divorce, that is still ongoing. She sounds amazing and always inspiring. A great release from a Music and TV Icon.

Merry Christmas (To The One I Used To Know)

When the song starts out, you know this one is going to get you in your feels. Those vocals, paired with the piano are extraordinary. Not much to say about this track other than Wow. Definitely a standout on the album.

Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree

Another Christmas Classic. She sounds absolutely beautiful on this song. This upbeat song is in great placement on the album. We are only a few songs in, and it is evident that Kelly truly is the Queen of Christmas.

Glow (feat. Chris Stapleton)

What do you get when you pair 2 iconic voices together? Pure magic. That is exactly what this song is. Kelly and Chris Stapleton are a musical match made in heaven. Their harmonies are on point. As one of the strongest songs on the album, this is one to listen to on repeat.

Santa Baby

Before she announced the new Christmas album, I had a feeling she would do this song. And she didn’t disappointment. A sultry, sexy and beautiful song that I didn’t know I needed.

Santa, Can’t You Hear Me (feat. Ariana Grande)

Kelly Clarkson pairs with Ariana Grande for this upbeat instant Classic. When Ariana joined The Voice, I was hoping they would do a song together. Christmas wishes answered. Vocally, this song is absolutely stunning. Not only do they harmonize very well, but individually they both shine as well. Don’t get me started on the catchy lyrics either. This is a crazy well done song.

Last Christmas

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Saturday Satisfaction

Another Classic for Kelly to tackle. Beautifully done. You can feel every emotion of the song. As usual, her vocals do not disappoint.

Jingle Bell Rock

Such a great one. Can we get a Mean Girls inspired Music Video? Another fun holiday song to play for your friends and family around the fire this Christmas.


Blessed” is my favorite off of the album. Her vocals are pushed into the forefront which the song benefits from. The lyrics are beautifully done. By far, the strongest song off of the album. It will be very interesting when she decides to do a live version of this one. A great song to remind you what you have and things to be thankful for.

Christmas Come Early

To close out this epic Christmas album, we have “Christmas Come Early.” A beautifully heartbreaking song. If you want to get in your feels, put this one on repeat and you won’t be disappointed.

All in all, “When Christmas Comes Around…” is an instant classic. As her second full length Holiday Album, she has proven time and time again that she is a staple in the music industry. After everything Kelly has been through the past few years, she deserves all the praise for this wonderful album. Check out the new album on all major streaming services. You can also check out her Christmas announcement here.

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