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Amy Jack | Interview and Single Release

Amy Jack | Interview and Single Release

Amy Jack

We have previously featured Amy Jack, with her singles, “Bounce Back,” “Got Lonely Too Early,” and “Big Boy Up.” We recently had the chance to do an interview with Amy, in honor of her new single, “Comeback.” Check it out below!

Jerrett with Music On The RoxThanks for doing this interview with me today. You’ve had a few releases recently. Congratulations on that. It is always impressive when an artist puts out new music. Can you share more about your new music?

Amy Jack – Grammy winner, Hall of Fame songwriter Dennis Morgan and I wrote “A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats,” last summer. It’s a quote from beloved American President John Fitzgerald Kennedy about what’s good for one is good for all people. I wanted to write this for Alabama, in honor of the Alabama Crimson Tide. I’d seen it on the cover of Sports Illustrated after they won a national championship. But really, it’s a song about hope. My latest release, “Bounce Back” is for everyone battling hardship of any kind. Any loss, pain, whether physical or emotional or business difficulties, especially this year, and we wanted to release it with the NCAA March Madness.  

What can we expect with your new music?

I’m releasing a new single, “Comeback” which is very empowering and elevating. I hope this song gives others the strength to stand up and fight the battles, whatever they may be. 

Changing lanes a bit, a very important issue. How do you feel women are being represented in the music industry?

I feel that women are represented much better than in the past. I think the whole world is waking up to give people more respect as human beings and respect for their work. One year at Country Radio Seminar, the record label and radio execs spoke loudly to statistics that Reba and Shania stood out over decades, but for business reasons the numbers prove that females didn’t deliver the numbers that males did. That’s all changed now, because the way we consume music, digital downloads and streaming has drastically changed everything. It’s changed the game because now the listener has so much more selection. 

Who are some of your favorite artists right now?

Carly Pearce, Luke Bryan, Kelsey Ballerini, Blake Shelton, Miranda Lambert, Kenny Chesney, Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks, Reba, I could go on and on because a lot of established artists are doing great as ever.

With your new music coming out, do you have any plans for shows?

I hope to be able to perform live soon, meet new people and share my music with them!

What is your favorite part of making new music?

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My favorite part of making music is the magic of it, and the way it just jumps out at you. The songs ultimately end up sounding so much better than I could have even expected. Music can be very magical. It’s why we can’t stop trying to do it, even though music is hard to make a living and can be hard to break through. It’s like a drug for the soul. Music rewards the teacher, or the creator of it, as much as it rewards the listener. 


Anything you want to tell your fans and readers at Music On The Rox?

I want to say thank you for the greatest gift that you can give, which is your time and your listening ear. And may you receive much value for that.

Thanks to Amy Jack for doing this interview with me. Make sure you check her new music out, and follow her on her Socials below.

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