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New Music Friday Vol. 2 | May 31st, 2024

New Music Friday Vol. 2 | May 31st, 2024

New Music

New Music Friday is back with Volume 2. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Born Runner | “Good Thing”

Born Runner just released a new track, “Good Thing.” With a groovy, 80s-inspired vibe, this song captivates from start to finish. The vocals soar with exceptional flair, while the production and instrumentals create a mesmerizing backdrop. It’s a track that exudes boundless energy and never fails to captivate. Don’t miss out—add it to your playlists!

Collin Keller | “Stuck”

Collin Keller recently released a new single, “Stuck.” This track stands out as a personal favorite this week, thanks to its sheer creativity and unpredictability. It carries a nostalgic vibe while also introducing fresh elements, keeping listeners engaged throughout. With stellar vocals, captivating instrumentals, and impeccable production, this song deserves a spot in your playlists.

Dax | “A Real Man”

Dax recently released a new track, “A Real Man.” This song is truly beautiful, with stunning vocals that perfectly suit the genre. His voice is captivating, leaving you wanting more with each listen. Don’t miss out—make sure to add this one to your playlists.

Austin Carr | “Want Me Back”

Austin Carr just released a new single, “Want Me Back.” This song bursts with energy from the start and maintains its vibrant intensity throughout. The production is top-notch, and the vocals are particularly impressive. Don’t miss out—be sure to add this one to your playlists.

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New Music

David C Clements | “Contrast”

David C Clements recently released a new song, “Contrast.” This track is a truly creative piece, skillfully blending indie vibes with outstanding vocals. The vocal range displayed is remarkable and complements the instrumentals beautifully. With top-notch production, it’s a track that demands a place in your playlists

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