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STFFRD, born Blake Stafford, began writing songs when he was 13. He currently lives in Nashville, TN. With his first single, STFFRD is creating a new version of himself as an artist, starting with a pop/hip hop sound.

Right off the bat, “C N Me” definitely has a unique sound to it. Very pop/hip-hop influenced. STFFRD’s voice is pretty addicting. He has such a strong voice and it really shows off in this release. His delivery, especially during the faster breakdown portion of the song, is so flawless and smooth. The backing track is also super fun. His voice is perfectly complimented by the instrumentals in the background.

The message of the song could be interpreted a couple different ways, according to STFFRD. One on the surface, “I don’t know why you like me, I’m not that cool.” A bit of self-deprecating which many people can relate to. Another interpretation can be sarcastic, “I don’t know what you see in me, cue *eye roll*,  (just kidding I’m awesome)”. I want the listeners to use this song to take a second to step back and look at how they view themselves and no matter what that outcome is – good or bad – to dance their way through it.” (

All in all, “C N Me,” is a fun and addicting song. The hip hop vibes really make this song a standout. This is a strong debut from an up and coming Nashville Artist. “C N Me,” is available to stream on all major platforms. Check out STFFRD below!

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