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Brandon Stansell | Hurt People EP

Brandon Stansell | Hurt People EP

Brandon Stansell

Brandon Stansell has finally released his highly anticipated EP, Hurt People. We have previous reviewed two of his tracks off of this release, “Like Us,” and the title track, “Hurt People”. After the success of these first two singles, this EP is bound to be a hit as well. We will be going track by track with this review and see what it has to offer.

First up is “Hurt People.” ft Cam. This song is a great example of a modern Country song, staying true to its southern, storytelling roots. Some of the most powerful lyrics of the song, “I knew they wouldn’t understand but I told them anyway / And 10 years later I’m still waiting for time to heal this pain / My daddy said I want you to know that we’re not proud of you / So I left home on my own just like hurt people do,”

I think that a lot of people can relate to this song. Even people who are not part of the LGBTQ+ community. This is a beautifully heartbreaking song that will resonate with a lot of different people. His vocals are strong and go perfectly with Cam’s background vocals. You can hear the pain in his voice during each lyric.

Next up on this EP is “Like Us.” This is a heartbreaking song about Brandon not being able to bring his significant other home to meet his family, because he is “different.” I think most LGBTQ+ people can relate to this song. It is very disappointing to be so excited for a new relationship but it not being accepted by your family and friends, just because you don’t fit the mold. “I bet my family would love you, if they ever got to know you,” are probably the strongest lyrics of the song. Home should feel like home for everyone, not just those who fit into a certain category. I think that Brandon’s songs are important to hear, especially in Country Music. It will start a conversation and that is really what we need right now.

The next song is “Supposed to Be.” This song is reminiscent of the previous two releases. This one is about about his relationship with his family. “We are all the things that we were never supposed to be.” These heartbreaking lyrics will resonate with his fans, especially those who have had hard times with their family. This is a deeply personal song and you can tell again, how much pain there is in each of these lyrics. His voice still sounds amazing. “Supposed to Be,” really shows off his vulnerability, which is needed in music nowadays.

Last up on this EP is ,”Wide Awake.” This one has more of an acoustic guitar sound, than the rest of this release. “Time has killed my memories. Every time that I fall asleep. You keep running back to me. And I am not alone in these empty sheets.” This song seems to be about a breakup and how hard it is to move on with your life. So, he is just laying in his bed, “Wide Awake,” thinking about what used to be. Again, his voice sounds really vulnerable here and he really showcases his falsetto in this one.

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All in all, this is a solid release. My favorite thing about this EP is just the rawness and vulnerability in each of the songs. I think that is missing in Country Music, so this is a welcome change in pace. If you are a fan of storytelling songs with wonderful vocals, you need to check out this new EP. It is available on all major streaming platforms.

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