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Rockin’ Christmas on Ice! – Opryland Hotel – Nashville, TN

Rockin’ Christmas on Ice! – Opryland Hotel – Nashville, TN

Rockin Christmas on Ice

It is Christmas time! What better way to celebrate the holidays, than to head over to Opryland? Check out the Christmas lights around the area and then go to “Rockin’ Christmas on Ice!”

Rockin’ Christmas On Ice

This show features some world class ice skaters. If you aren’t mesmerized by the music and the stunts, don’t worry, there is also fire. Yes, fire. This show has it all. The cool thing is each of the skaters and the MC do a great job at keeping the crowd involved and on their feet.

Rockin’ Christmas on Ice

While talking about the show, organizer and founder of Ice Creative Entertainment, Alex Wilfand assured me that all CDC Guidelines were being followed and everyone was being safe. All skaters were wearing masks, which is impressive considering the amount of stunts they were doing. So, really, there is no reason to not wear a mask, especially if these professionals can do it while performing.

All in all, this is a fun show and very well done. It is important in 2020, that we keep the fun of the Holidays around. That is exactly what “Rockin’ Christmas on Ice!” does. It is much needed after such a tough year. So, if you want a family friendly event to attend, to get you in the holiday spirit, make sure to head on over to Gaylord Opryland Hotel and check out the show. Check out Christmas at Opryland here!

Schedule of Showtimes throughout December 2020.

Sun – 4pm and 6pm
Mon – 6pm
Tues – 6pm
Wed – N/A
Thurs – 6pm
Fri – 6pm and 8pm
Sat – 6pm and 8pm

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*Remember that masks are required around the area and must stay on at all times, due to the safety of the audience, performers and anyone else in the area that may be visiting. Please practice social distancing as well!

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