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Rich Hennessy | “You’re the Voice”

Rich Hennessy | “You’re the Voice”

Rich Hennessy

Rich Hennessy is a Nashville based singer/songwriter. He grew up in New Jersey. Two months after Rich graduated from college, his family’s home burned down.  Around the same time, Rich’s father, invited Rich to join him on a trip to Nashville. Rich found himself in the studio with budding songwriters and artists. Rich Hennessy is back with his first single in 2 years. “You’re the Voice,” is a powerful pop anthem about acceptance and equality, which is a message that we should be listening to right now.

Right off the bat, it is evident that Rich Hennessy is a vocal powerhouse. First hearing this song, I though, “There is no way that he can go even higher.” I was completely wrong, because towards the end of the song he belts out an insanely high note, that would make Adam Lambert proud. The message of this song is important, especially right now when everything is so divisive. The production is also on point.. But the real standout is Rich Hennessy’s vocals. I mean come on, I don’t think it can get better than this.

Here is what Rich had to say about the new release.

“The song encapsulates everything—my journey to find myself and my voice, my need to speak the truth, and the resulting change that can happen when others use their voices and their authentic selves to speak their truths. Our world needs that now more than ever.” 

Music fans everywhere should hear this song. It is absolutely incredible. When you factor in his vocals, you know that you have something special here. If you are a fan of a genuine artist with an incredible range, check Rich out below!

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