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Clara Mae feat. Russell Dickerson | “Alright”

Clara Mae feat. Russell Dickerson | “Alright”

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Clara Mae is a Swedish singer and songwriter currently signed to Big Beat and Atlantic Records. She was a member of the Swedish band, Ace of Base. She currently has over 2.1 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Russell Dickerson has definitely made a splash in the local Country Music scene. He has over 4.6 Million Monthly listeners on Spotify alone. His last album, “Yours,” peaked at number 39 on the Billboard 200. The title track to “Yours,” also peaked at number 49 on the Billboard Hot 100. According to Billboard, Russell Dickerson’s real-life love story jolted his career, as the adorable ballad “Yours” – his love letter to wife Kailey – became the Tennessee native’s breakout hit. He’s continued to bring the hits with follow-up singles “Blue Tacoma” and “Every Little Thing,” all of which are from his debut album, 2017’s Yours.

Clara Mae and Russell Dickerson are back with their new single, “Alright.” This is a song about still caring about someone and not being with them. “Right off the bat, you are greeted with Clara Mae’s beautiful vocals. Her voice is so clear but has a grit to it as well. She has a very Ellie Goulding sounding tone, which is just mesmerizing. Her vocals pair very well with Russell Dickerson’s voice. He has such a rich tone and an incredible range, which just isn’t seen as much in Country Music.

“Alright,” is definitely going to be a hit, there is no doubt about it. Their voices blend perfectly together. The melody is infectious and is just a musical masterpiece. This is going to be a crossover hit in no time. If you are a fan of solid vocals and harmonies, plus a good story, check out “Alright,” below. It is available on all major platforms.

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