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Mile Twenty Four – Featured Artist/Group for Feb/March 2020

Mile Twenty Four – Featured Artist/Group for Feb/March 2020

Mile Twenty Four

Mile Twenty Four is a pop/rock group from Nashville, TN. With their last single “Running,” racking up the plays on Spotify, they proved that they are a force to be reckoned with. In honor of their new single “What I’ve Got,” I decided to do an interview with this up and coming group. Here is the interview with the lead vocalist Wes.

Nashville Music Reviews – What’s the story behind Mile Twenty Four and how y’all came together?

Mile Twenty Four –  So Stephen (drums) John (bass) and I have known each other since High School. We all took an Audio Production class together. There we were able to work on some projects together and that’s pretty much how it started. I was making solo music at the time and uploading it to this site called Bandcamp. Stephen came across it one day and then messaged me on instagram saying that he would love to collaborate at some point. Some time passed, and we all ended up in John’s upstairs starting what is now Mile Twenty Four. Andrew (lead guitar) is the most recent edition. He and his wife Jordan moved to Nashville last June. I came into contact with him through my part time job. He had just been hired at my office and the band had a gig coming up that we needed a sub for. I asked him, and here we are now. So that’s pretty much the story.

Who are some of your musical influences?
We all have a lot of artists that we look up to. The first band that ever gave me the “I wanna tour the world with a guitar in my hand” feeling was definitely Coldplay. I would definitely say that two big ones for the band as a whole are Colony House, and Kings Of Leon. Good Ole Nashville Rock & Roll. 

I know that y’all are excited about the new song “What I’ve Got.” What is the story behind the new single?
So “What I’ve Got” is a funny story. It started out as this acoustic guitar, folky love tune that I wrote for my wife. I brought it in that form to the guys, and from there the molding started. We turned it from a Major sounding love song to a Minor sounding, moody rock tune. We then sent that demo to our producer Hunter West (who has worked with us since our last EP “Where I Was Born”) and he immediately had some vibe change ideas. We all of course dug the new direction. It was dance-y but still moody. We wanted to record a scratch vocal one night so we had something to go off of during the recording process. Something about the current melody and feel just didn’t sit right. Then Stephen (drums) randomly busted out this melody line for the chorus. We all were a little skeptical at the time, but after tracking it and then revisiting it we knew it was the one. From there, we just HAMMERED into this song. Every element of this song is SO strong. We feel that way about all of our songs, but especially this one.  

That is awesome. It is such a great song. What can we expect to see from Mile Twenty Four in the future?
You can look out for a debut album.

Looking forward to it. Where can your fans catch your shows in the future?
We’ve been in a pretty wild recording/writing/networking season as of late. We’re really focusing on local (Nashville) shows and small tour runs at the moment. Follow us on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook to keep up with ALL info like that!

Check out the full review for “What I’ve Got,” here.

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