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Mile Twenty Four | “What I’ve Got”

Mile Twenty Four | “What I’ve Got”

Mile Twenty Four

Mile Twenty Four is back with a vengeance with “What I’ve Got.” After a successful release of “Running,” they had a lot to live up to. With this new song, they did just that. They completely knocked it out of the park with this new release.

“What I’ve Got,” starts out with some killer effects and vocals. Wes’s vocals are clearly something special and it is really showcased in this song. His vocals have a way of bringing you in to the song and making you feel comfortable. The instrumentals are on point throughout the entire song. This band blends so well together. You can really tell that they have chemistry. I do have to admit that I have already listened to this song an embarrassingly amount of times. Honestly, it is still as good as the first time I listened to it. This song has an 80’s/early 90’s vibe to it and it is impressive. It takes a lot to get a listener hooked to a brand new song but I do believe that Mile Twenty Four has done just that with this release. This song is a work of art and is something to be proud of.

Recently, I had the chance to do an interview with Mile Twenty Four and feature them as the Featured Artist/Group for the month of the February. Take a look at the interview here.

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