Lost Saints | “We Don’t Fight”

Lost Saints

The Lost Saints (Afton Addington, Chris Biano, Derrick Casteel) first sang together in Nashville in 2017. All of the group members grew up singing in church as well. The trio made their national tv debut on The Dailey & Vincent Show on Circle Plus , the brand new television and streaming platform from the Opry Entertainment Group.

“We Don’t Fight,” is their debut single written by Chris Biano alongside Brandon Chase and Ethan Hulse. The song starts off with some infectious instrumentals. The vocals are outstanding in this song. The harmonies are spot on. Each of them have an incredible range that will take them far in Nashville. This song is giving off Lady Antebellum vibes and it’s mesmerizing. “We Don’t Fight,” will definitely get you in your feels, in the best way possible, so be prepared. If you are a fan of storytelling music, strong vocals and beautiful harmonies, check out Lost Saints below!

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