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Liddy Clark | “Hit and Run”

Liddy Clark | “Hit and Run”

Liddy Clark

Liddy Clark is a 21 year old, Nashville singer/songwriter. She has performed at iconic venues like the Country Music Hall of Fame in
Nashville and opened for artists like Scotty McCreery and Joe Nichols.

Liddy Clark’s newest single “Hit and Run,” is bound to be a country/pop crossover hit. It has a very upbeat and addicting sound to it. When the song really gets going and the instrumentals kick in, you know that she means business. Her vocals really shine in this release. It is obvious that this is meant to be a crossover hit, which is very smart. “Hit and Run,” has all of the makings of a great country/pop song.

She really shows her versatility in this release. Her voice has a certain vulnerability to it during the soft portions but is also super strong during the higher parts. Even the background vocals are strong, which is rare in songs nowadays. It is a catchy song and you will definitely catch yourself singing along with her after a few listens. With this release, she is proving why she is here to stay. While you are listening to Liddy Clark, take a look at some of the other songs that she has done on her Official YouTube page.

Liddy Clark also released a full music video for her “Hit and Run,” single. Take a look at it below and follow her official pages!

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