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Joey Hendricks | “Happy XMas (War is Over)”

Joey Hendricks | “Happy XMas (War is Over)”

Joey Hendricks

Joey Hendricks moved from Anacortes, Washington, to Nashville in 2017. He signed a publishing deal with Parallel Entertainment. He was recently signed to Sony Music Nashville as well. We have recently featured Joey Hendricks with his single, “Yours or Mine.

Joey Hendricks is back with his cover of the Christmas Classic, “Happy Christmas (War Is Over.” With so many people covering this classic, it is important to make it your own. Joey Hendricks has done just that with his cover. His vocals are really outstanding here and shows just how great of a vocalist he is. He captures the emotion of the song, effortlessly. Joey Hendricks has such a smooth voice. Seriously, he could sing anything and make it sound good. He has shown us once again that he is here to stay. Check out “Happy Christmas (War is Over),” below and stream on all major streaming platforms.

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