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Jabe Burgess | “Dianne’s Song”

Jabe Burgess | “Dianne’s Song”

Jabe Burgess

Jabe Burgess was raised in Greenwood, AR. He taught himself how to play his Dad’s guitar at 10 years old. Burgess started writing songs in college while attending the University of Tulsa on a football scholarship. After his football career ended, he formed a band consisting of home town friends and performed all across Arkansas and Oklahoma. In June of 2018, he signed a publishing deal with Springer Ink. In the spring of 2019, he began recording his debut record with producer McV.

Jabe just released his Official Music Video for his single, “Dianne’s Song.” This is a true love story about Steve Williams and Dianne Williams, who have been married for 55 years. Dianne was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease for 14 of those years. This song is about their story and their journey.

Here is the official video for “Dianne’s Song.” This video features home video, photos, and even them in present day. Check it out below.

This is a inspirational song that showcases the life of Steve and Dianne Williams. The video is absolutely beautiful. The home video and pictures really hit home. This video perfectly shows the love that these two people share with each other. Jabe’s voice is absolutely stunning in this song. It goes perfectly with the message that he is getting across.

Make sure to follow Jabe Burgess below and check out his video for “Dianne’s Song.”

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