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Tony Apolczer | “Porcelain”

Tony Apolczer | “Porcelain”

Tony Apolczer

Tony Apolczer is an alternative pop artist and singer/songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. Drawing inspirations from artists like Lorde, Panic! At The Disco, MARINA, and Twenty One Pilots. Tony creates unique melancholic dark pop with hard-hitting lyrics and inventive melodies. Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Tony grew up learning to play multiple instruments in a classical setting before transitioning into fostering his own distinct voice in songwriting.

You may remember Tony from our last review that we did of his single, “Let’s Go For A Drive.”

He is back with his new single, “Porcelain.” According to Tony, “It is about finding beauty in brokenness. It’s about feeling down about yourself, but still seeing that you’re worthy of unconditional love.”

Right off of the beginning, this song already has a much bigger sound than the previous single. The piano adds a darker, more somber touch to the song. This matches the tone perfectly. His vocals go really well with this type of music. “Porcelain,” not only showcases Tony’s voice and vocal range, but also his storytelling abilities. He also manages to tap into a certain vulnerability with this new track, which is impressive and not easy to do.

This new single showcases Tony’s versatility, vocally and lyrically. If you are a fan of great Pop music with storytelling roots, check out Tony Apolczer’s new single, “Porcelain,” below!

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