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CYPRSS | “Don’t Deserve This Love”

CYPRSS | “Don’t Deserve This Love”


Alternative Pop artist CYPRSS is back with a new dance pop single Don’t Deserve This Love. The Electric, 80’s-influenced, dance pop track is reminiscent of Dua Lipa and Hayley Williams. The song is about the joy of being loved unconditionally. We often present our best selves to people when really, we are deeply flawed. This song celebrates the freedom that comes with being loved wholeheartedly in spite of our flaws. “Don’t Deserve This Love” gives listeners a taste of what it’s like to dance in the light of unconditional love.

Here is what CYPRSS had to say about the new single. “I remember when I first wrote ‘Don’t Deserve This Love’, I was having breakfast and feeling self-deprecative. I looked down at my dark roast coffee and thought that’s the color of my heart right now, and yet I am loved. I couldn’t even love myself in that moment, and yet I knew I was loved. The reality of that still blows my mind: I have harmed people with my words, manipulated and used my friends, and lived pridefully, but still I have always been loved. This does not excuse me to do these things: it empowers me to rise above them. Because I know I am unconditionally loved, I don’t have to live under the pressure of trying to earn love by “good works”. I don’t have to fear losing this love when I mess up. Receiving this love inspires me to pour it out to others even when they don’t deserve it. Because really, I don’t deserve it either. And that’s what makes it so beautiful.” 

CYPRSS really knocks it out of the park with this release. This pop/dance song will get you up and moving. Her vocals sound absolutely stunning as well. She really showcases her vocal range in the low parts and in the high portions too. “Don’t Deserve This Love,” is the feel good dance track that we have been waiting on. If you want something to get your day going, check out “Don’t Deserve This Love,” below! Available on all major streaming platforms.

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