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Wild Wednesday | Feb 28th, 2024

Wild Wednesday | Feb 28th, 2024

Wild Wednesday

We are back again with some new tracks for Wild Wednesday. Check out the full tracks below!

Dalo Monnier | “What If”

Dalo Monnier just released a new track, “What If.” The vocals are exceptionally stunning, showcasing their vocal power while keeping the high energy of the song intact. The production is top-notch, highlighting the best aspects of the performance. This track is an absolute must-add to your playlists.

Gabry Ponte x DAMANTE | “Turn Me On”

Gabry Ponte teamed up with DAMANTE for a new track, “Turn Me On.” This is such a well done song. The production is impeccable, perfectly framing and accentuating the vocals. A track worth adding to your playlists, it promises an exciting and creatively-driven musical experience.

Nicky Romero | “All Night Long”

Nicky Romero just released a new song, “All Night Long.” The backing track is compelling and harmonizes seamlessly with the vocals, creating a captivating musical experience. They skillfully showcases the vocals, maintaining a perfect balance between highlighting his voice and keeping the energy of the track intact. Don’t miss out on adding this stellar track to your playlists.

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Switch Disco x Sam Feldt x R3HAB | “Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life)”

Switch Disco teamed up with Sam Feldt and R3HAB for a new track, “Sleep Tonight (This Is The Life).” Their adeptness at highlighting the vocals while maintaining the song’s energy is truly commendable. This track undeniably stands out this week and is a must-add to your playlists for an invigorating and memorable musical experience.

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