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Clark Beckham | “Who Believes in Me”

Clark Beckham | “Who Believes in Me”

Clark Beckham

Clark Beckham was born in Nashville, but grew up in White House, Tennessee. He also graduated from Lee University in with a degree in history. In an interview Beckham said that he originally wanted to audition for American Idol at 18 years old, when it came to Nashville, but said that it was not in line with God’s will at the time. He eventually finished as runner up on the 14th season of American Idol. We have previously reviewed his songs, “Luckiest Man,” and “Run Away.

Clark is back with his new single, “Who Believes in Me.” Clark’s new release starts off with some pretty intense vocals. Right off the bat, he is showcasing his range. Once the song gets going, you notice just how upbeat this song is. The beat of “Who Believes in Me,” is unique. He incorporates a lot of different effects in this track, which actually pair well with his vocals. If anything, these effects actually push his vocals to be even stronger, which is impressive. Clark has proven once again that he is a versatile artist, with an incredible range and a knack for storytelling songs.

“Who Believes in Me,” is available on all streaming platforms now! Check it out below.

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