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Chris Housman | “Tomorrow, Tonight”

Chris Housman | “Tomorrow, Tonight”

Chris Housman grew up outside a small Kansas town. He began his musical journey at the age of 7, when he taught himself to play the fiddle. He also has Bluegrass and Motown roots as well. After a move to Nashville, he is ready to make his mark in Country Music.

“Tomorrow, Tonight,” has a very chill, mellow feel to it. This works perfectly with the message of the song. “Lets not worry about tomorrow, tonight.” His vocals are super strong in this song. He really showcases his range as well. The instrumentals and the vocals blend together very nicely. His voice has a beautiful tone to it. Tone isn’t something you can teach to an artist. You either have it or you don’t, and Chris definitely has it. “Tomorrow, Tonight,” is a strong release by an up and coming Nashville singer/songwriter. If his next releases are anything like this one, he is going to be successful in the Nashville music scene.

So, “Lets not worry about tomorrow, tonight.” But tonight and tomorrow, you need to follow Chris Housman below and stream his new single.

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