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Jet Black Alley Cat | [The Black Era]

Jet Black Alley Cat | [The Black Era]

Jet Black Alley Cat is back with their new EP, [The Black Era]. This EP was released at an appropriate time, when everything seems pretty dark and hopeless. But leave it to Jet Black Alley Cat to pull us out of this darkness with some awesome new music.

First track on the EP is “Ex Lover Syndrome,” which is a strong beginning to the release. It almost has an 80’s feel to it, which makes it even more appealing. The vocals are strong and mix really well with all of the instrumentals. The guitar and drums are really the highlights of this song. Basically sets the song up for a massive sound that works with the vocals. This song is a great start to a very catchy and strong EP.

Next track up is “*unrealistic love/us.wav.” At just over 2 minutes long, this is the one of the shortest tracks on the EP. Even though it is short, it still packs a punch. The vocals are pretty haunting. Pair that with the choir sound halfway through, and it sounds pretty dramatic and deep. The bass guitar really adds a darker feel to this song. This is a “short but not-sweet” song. And it is a strong one to put in the 2nd spot.

In the 3rd Spot, it is “Fight XVIII.” We are back to uptempo songs here. As with the first song, all of the instrumentals go very well together. This one has a hint of 80’s, early 90’s in it. At this point, I do believe that these guys could play anything and I would have it on repeat. Another solid song here. This song just solidifies at why I am a fan of Jet Black Alley Cat.

We are almost to the end here. Next up, in the 4th spot, is “*mexico.wav.” Starting out with the song, I am already hooked with the guitar feature at the beginning. Throughout the song, it uses this same guitar melody, which pairs well with the vocals and bass guitar. It is a beautifully sad song. You can hear the pain in his voice when he sings “As I watched you move on,” which kinda breaks your heart over and over again.

We have reached the end of the [The Black Era] EP. Last song is one of my personal favorites, “Rewind.” You may remember that I did a review of this single back in February here. So, 3 months later, I stand by my original comments. This song is super strong and has some of the best vocals/melodies/instrumentals that I have heard in a song. Easily one of my favorite songs released this year. It seems to be a fan favorite as well, since it has over 105,000 streams on Spotify alone. These guys prove again that they are not to be messed with. I have a feeling that they will be around for a while.

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