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Chance McKinney | Interview

Chance McKinney | Interview

Chance McKinney

You may remember that we previously had the chance to review Chance Mckinney and his new single, “Nothin’ Better To Do.” Since featuring it in May, it has already amassed over 60,000 streams on Spotify alone. We decided to do an interview with Chance, in honor of this new single.

Music On The Rox – Thanks for doing this interview with us today. How did you get your start in the music industry?
Chance McKinney – Officially, when I won the CMT Music City Madness competition. Unofficially, when I got picked up by an all-black Motown Revue group while singing karaoke at a bar in Seattle. Either way, both are equally non-traditional stories.

That is pretty awesome. What is your favorite song that you have recorded so far?
Damn, that’ a brutal question. I think I could narrow it down to a Top 5-ish type list, but to call out a single song is almost impossible to me. I’d have to say (Top 5 in no particular order) “Be Real”, “Backyard”, “Nothin’ Better To Do”, “Boys’ll Be Boys” and “Take It Back.”  However, you could ask me on a different day and the list might be totally different, ha!

Do you have a favorite song to perform live? Whether it be a cover or
an original
I haven’t had the chance to perform “Nothin’ Better To Do” live yet, so it’s hard to say. But, the other 4 songs above, “Call You Quits” and “Down To Get Up” all have different vibes that the audience responds to. Nothing feels more special than having the crowd sing along to your songs. It’s intoxicating when you bust out a song you wrote and people know the words. It’s why I do what I do.

What is the story behind your latest single, “Nothin Better to Do?”
Bad pickup lines. Seriously. The song came from watching guys try to pick up girls at concerts or in bars and some of the crazy pickup lines I’ve heard before. It’s so hard for a guy to build the confidence to do so and have such a small window of opportunity, so to speak. I’ve often thought (while singing), what’s the best way to go about it?  That’s when the idea for “Nothin’ Better To Do” hit me. What one sentence could you lead with that would not be taken the wrong way, let a girl know you don’t want to change her priorities, and also make her laugh a bit?

Realistically, I wrote it last year, but when Covid hit, my co-writers/producers, Joe, Kevin and I revisited it.  I explained what I was trying to do with the song, Joe ripped it apart and Kevin interpreted it. What came out was essentially a romantic comedy.  And it just so happened that’s what the world was needing. The response to “Nothin’ Better To Do” has been nothing less than fantastic for those that have heard it. I’m hoping even more can hear the song and hopefully enjoy it as the song gains momentum.

Everyone seems to be doing different things during quarantine. What are you doing to stay busy during these crazy times?
Home projects. Writing, Online interviews and some fun live streams. Writing.  Mountain Biking. Writing. Wakeboarding (just this past week we were able to break away). Writing. And occasionally I find time to grill some steaks and cut some watermelon (which we like to call “a vegetable” in our house).

What is your biggest accomplishment so far, musically?
“Be Real” and winning the CMT Music City Madness Award definitely opened some doors, which I’m forever grateful for. Tour dates with Blake, Luke, Dierks, Jake and more. “Take it Back” was my first radio cut. “Backyard” was my biggest charting song, and “Nothin’ Better to Do” is opening more doors.  All the new stuff I’ve written in the past 6 months are the best I’ve ever laid into. It’s hard to pinpoint one moment, but I think my biggest musical accomplishments are in the future. I’m just ridin’ the ride.

What are you looking forward to, once everything opens back up and
live shows come back?

Hot, outdoor concerts at twilight. It’s my magical place.

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What advice do you have for someone trying to make it in the music

Work hard and treat everyone well on your climb. Those will be the people that carry your career and still be there on your descent. Oh, and write about stuff that’s important to you. People either like you for you, or hate you for trying to be what you’re not.

Thanks to Chance for doing this interview with me today. “Nothin Better to Do,” is available on all streaming platforms.

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