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Thorr | “Thorr” – EP

Thorr | “Thorr” – EP


Thorr, also know as Bryant Lowry, is back with his first Thorr album featuring his own vocals. He is best known for the drummer for Jet Black Alley Cat. This EP gives him the chance to step into the forefront with his vocals. Not only does he take control of this EP with his vocals, but he also lends his hand to all instrumentals on this album. Is there anything this guy can’t do? Lets dive into the new “Thorr” EP.

First off, the instrumentals are impressive, as always. That is the case in this release and other Thorr and Jetblack Alley Cats projects as well. The one thing that stands out in this specific EP, is the vocals. These vocals are insane. Seriously, they are impressive. He really showcases his range throughout the EP.

The Thorr EP starts out with “No Knocks,” which perfectly sets the tone for the entire release. This track will just hype you up and make you feel like you can conquer the world. The vocals continue to impress me, just like with the entire EP. He puts a lot of emotion into, not only his vocals, but with the instrumentals as well. Great start to a super strong EP.

“Takeover,” and “Callout,” are up next and these sound a bit different. Both of these incorporate some different sound effects but it works incredibly well. Once the instrumentals and the vocals kick in, you know you have something special here. Solid tracks from a very gifted musician and artist.

“Slow Fade,” is probably my favorite off of the EP, just because of the subtle instrumentals and vocals at the beginning. Plus, there is a slow build at the beginning before the song just takes off. This pays off big time. It is an intense song with strong instrumentals and vocals as well. Once the song slows down towards the middle, it picks back up and pretty much finishes you off by the end. Combine it with the guitar riffs, drums and vocals, this is an intense song that needs to be heard.

“Gamer Girl,” is the last one on this EP, and it is a perfect way to end it. Again, these vocals are impressive. His range is really showcased in this one. The instrumentals are insane as well. You can really feel the emotion in it.

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This Thorr EP, really caught me off guard with how good it is. I knew it would be good, because of how talented Bryant is. I didn’t expect it to be THIS good though. If you are a hard rock fan, or just want to be hyped up for the rest of time, take a listen to Thorr and this insane EP. You will not regret it!

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