Wild Wednesday | September 20th, 2023

Wild Wednesday

We are back with our Wild Wednesday playlist. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

Jeryko | “If I Forget”

Jeryko just released a new track, “If I Forget.” The track is undeniably well-crafted. The acoustic instrumental serves as a perfect backdrop, complementing his vocals and allowing his voice to take center stage. AY Young possesses the kind of voice that captivates and demands attention. It’s truly a standout performance, and I highly recommend adding this track to your playlist.

Zach Newbould | “Fast Lane”

The Voice Season 22 contestant, Zach Newbould recently released a new track, “Fast Lane.” The song exudes remarkable energy, strategically placing his vocals at the forefront of the track. Zach skillfully showcases his vocal prowess without losing the essence and vibe of the song. This certainly sets it apart as a standout piece for this week. Don’t miss the chance to add this dynamic track to your playlists.

BANNERS | “Broken Hearted”

We have featured BANNERS quite a few times and now he is back with a new track, “Broken Hearted.” The latest track is undeniably exceptional. The vocals are striking and harmonize seamlessly with the instrumentals, creating an energetic and captivating song. It’s a standout piece and easily ranks among my favorites for the week. Make sure you don’t miss out—add this fantastic track to your playlists.

See Also

AY Young | “GOALS”

AY Young is a multi-talented artist, excelling as a singer, songwriter, entertainer, producer, and entrepreneur. Recently, he unveiled his latest single, “GOALS.” The track stands out for its exceptional quality, featuring stunning vocals that harmonize seamlessly with the accompanying instrumentals. The production is skillfully executed, further enhancing the overall appeal of the song. It’s highly recommended to include this remarkable track in your playlists.

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