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Tune in Thursday Vol. 3 | June 6th, 2024

Tune in Thursday Vol. 3 | June 6th, 2024


Tune in Thursday is back with some incredible new tracks and reviews. Check out the full tracks below!

Totten Bridge | “Season’s Change”

We have featured Totten Bridge quite a few times and now they are back with a new track, “Season’s Change.” Its catchy melody and expansive sound are elevated by their remarkable vocals. Their unique sound sets him apart from others in the industry, showcasing their impressive talent. This track deserves a spot on your playlists.

Beren Olivia | “I Feel Like Talking”

Beren Olivia recently released a new track, “I Feel Like Talking.” In a musical landscape dominated by mainstream sounds, this track offers a refreshing indie rock vibe. The vocals shine brilliantly and complement the instrumentals seamlessly. With impeccable production quality, this song is a standout that deserves a place in your playlists.

Bo Weber | “im fuckin stupid”

Bo Weber released a new track, “im fucking stupid.” This track stands out as a personal favorite this week, thanks to its sheer creativity and unpredictability. It carries a nostalgic vibe while also introducing fresh elements, keeping listeners engaged throughout. With stellar vocals, captivating instrumentals, and impeccable production, this song deserves a spot in your playlists.

FABIAN | “pieces”

FABIAN recently released a new track, “pieces.” The upbeat tempo and energetic vibe of this song really drive it forward, creating a dynamic listening experience. His vocals, which already have a powerful presence, seem to reach new heights in this track, adding an extra layer of excitement and intensity. It’s truly an incredible display of talent and musicality.

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Boy In Space | “Mayflowers”

Boy In Space recently released a new track, “Mayflowers.” This track is irresistibly catchy, with captivating vocals and a melody that stays with you long after the song ends. It’s a well-crafted piece that definitely deserves a spot on your playlists.

What did you think of Volume 3 of Tune in Thursday? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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