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The Driver Era Releases New Single, “Get Off My Phone” | LISTEN HERE!

The Driver Era Releases New Single, “Get Off My Phone” | LISTEN HERE!

The Driver Era

The Driver Era has unveiled their latest single, ‘Get Off My Phone.’

This marks their first release of the year, following closely on the heels of their recent drop, ‘Rumours,’ and lead singer Ross Lynch‘s cameo in Troye Sivan’s music video for ‘One of Your Girls.’

Ross explains, “It gets pretty annoying when your phone keeps trying to show you happy memories of a past relationship.”

Check it out below.


The track immediately grabs your attention with Ross Lynch’s inviting vocals, expressing his sentiments about a lingering past romance. Initially, a subtle electric guitar riff accompanies his vocals, setting a subdued atmosphere. As the song progresses, a soft drum beat and muted distorted guitar enter, adding depth and momentum. With the introduction of these additional instruments, the song’s energy and tempo escalate, propelling it towards the dynamic chorus.

As the track builds, Ross’s vocals become potent and precise, transitioning from a gentle delivery in the verse to a powerful belting as the chorus unfolds. The lyrics delve into the temptation of monitoring someone’s activities through your phone and social media, particularly after they’ve exited your life.

As the chorus fades, the track reaches its peak with an intricate blend of pop and rock elements seamlessly intertwining. Lynch maintains his lamentation over his former lover as the second verse begins, accompanied by a silky guitar, a lively piano melody, and intensified percussion, adding layers of depth and texture to the song.

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The bridge serves as a moment of respite from the song’s grandeur, enveloped in a subdued grunge soundscape that accompanies echoing vocals. An explosive drum fill reinvigorates the track, propelling it forward once more. The pop-punk-esque chorus and vocal delivery evoke a sense of nostalgia, reminiscent of the duo’s R5 days, perhaps reflecting on a simpler time when our phones caused us less distress.

In contrast, the song adopts a soft and ethereal quality as it nears its conclusion. A tender piano melody and the subtle sound of a ticking clock gently fade out, as Lynch serenely repeats the opening lyrics. Ultimately, ‘Get Off My Phone’ emerges as a formidable single from The Driver Era following ‘Rumours,’ positioning the duo favorably for any potential album releases this year.

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