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New Music Friday Vol. 1 | June 14th, 2024

New Music Friday Vol. 1 | June 14th, 2024

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We are back with some new tracks and reviews for New Music Friday, Vol. 1. Check out the new tracks and reviews below!

DEEROCK x Jake Neumar | “Out Of Love”

DEEROCK recently released a new track with Jake Newmar, “Out Of Love.” Here’s another dynamic track that places a strong focus on the vocals. They skillfully showcase their vocal power while keeping the song’s energy levels high. With impeccable production, this track is a must-have addition to your playlists.

David Green | “Filter”

David Green recently released a new track, “Filter.” This track exudes relentless energy from start to finish. Its indie vibe serves as the ideal backdrop for the vocals, while the production stands out with its precision. Be sure to include this one in your playlists.

SVEA x Cloudy June | “Breakfast Club”

SVEA recently released a new track, “Breakfast Club,” with Cloudy June. This track is a testament to creativity, with infectious energy and clever lyrics. The vocals seamlessly blend with the backing track, resulting in a cohesive and engaging listening experience. The production quality is top-notch, making it a must-add to your playlists.

SVEA | “Ferrari”

SVEA has also released another new track, “Ferrari.” This track is impeccably crafted, boasting an energy that’s truly electrifying. The vocal performance is nothing short of stunning, placing her vocals prominently at the forefront of the song. Undoubtedly, it stands out as a highlight of the week. Be sure to incorporate this track into your playlists.

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We have featured ARIA quite a few times and now they are back with, “Bad News.” This track emanates an inventive indie pop vibe, adding a creative touch to its appeal. His vocals, consistently stunning, take center stage throughout the entire track. Undoubtedly, it stands out as one of the highlights this week.

What did you think of the new tracks for New Music Friday? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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