New Music Friday Vol. 1 | January 5th, 2024

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday, Vol. 1. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Velvet Halo | “Warm Night”

Velvet Halo just released a brand new track, “Warm Night.” This song is exceptionally well-crafted. The vocals are flawless, and their harmonies are perfectly executed. They skillfully convey the story of the song without compromising the overall quality. Ensure to incorporate this track into your playlists.

KJ(!) | “Lovesick”

KJ(!) just released a new track, “Lovesick.” This song exudes incredible energy. The vocals, marked by their stunning quality, take center stage and stand out prominently in the song. It’s a well-crafted piece deserving of a place on your playlists.

Elle Baez | “I Love My Body”

We have featured Elle Baez quite a few times and now she just released a new track, “I Love My Body.” Elle’s powerful voice resonates deeply, infusing the heart of the song with compelling emotion. The contagious energy of the track complements her vocals seamlessly. Clearly an emerging artist to keep an eye on, Baez is making waves. Ensure you don’t miss out—include this track in your playlists.

Lawson Hull | “Swim”

Lawson Hull just released a new track, “Swim.” This track is truly enchanting. The refreshing country vibe harmonizes seamlessly with his vocals, creating a captivating musical experience. His storytelling prowess, a quality many artists aspire to, shines through. Don’t miss out on this beautiful piece—be sure to include it in your playlists.

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Sosa The Soda | “Summer (best served chilled!)”

Sosa The Soda just released a new single, “Summer (best served chilled).” This track is impeccably crafted, boasting an energy that’s truly electrifying. The vocal performance is nothing short of stunning, placing the vocals prominently at the forefront of the song. Undoubtedly, it stands out as a highlight of the week. Be sure to incorporate this track into your playlists for an exceptional musical experience.

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