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New Music Friday Pt. 3 | June 28th, 2024

New Music Friday Pt. 3 | June 28th, 2024

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday, Pt. 3. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Jamie Harrison | “Chance To Say Goodbye”

Jamie Harrison released a new track, “Chance To Say Goodbye.” This song embodies a unique vibe, showcasing creativity and placing the vocals at the forefront. It’s a stellar performance that undoubtedly deserves a spot on your playlists.

Alexander Stewart | “Life At First Sight”

We have featured Alexander Stewart quite a few times and now he is back with a new track, “Life At First Sight.” This track stands out as one of our favorites in recent memory. It’s incredibly creative, with clever lyrics and a catchy melody that captivate from the start. The vocals are stunning, complemented perfectly by the impressive instrumentals. Don’t hesitate to add this track to your playlists.

Christina Munsey | “muscle memory”

Christina Munsey recently released a new track, “muscle memory.” This track is incredibly catchy and well-executed. The vocals are compelling, perfectly complementing the backing instrumentals. It’s undoubtedly a standout this week, deserving of a spot on your playlists.

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New Music

The American Indie | “on her way”

The American Indie just released a brand new song, “on her way.” This track exudes a cool, energetic indie vibe, with their vocals skillfully showcased without losing the essence of the song. It’s definitely a must-add to any playlists. Be sure to give it a listen and add it to your playlists.

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