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New Music Friday Pt. 2 | March 8th, 2024

New Music Friday Pt. 2 | March 8th, 2024

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We are back with some new tracks and reviews for New Music Friday, Pt. 2. Check them out below!

Rich Hennessy | “Haven’t Found You Yet”

We have featured Rich Hennessy quite a few times and now he is back with a new track, “Haven’t Found You Yet.” This song is truly captivating in its beauty. His stunning voice transcends throughout the entire track, leaving a lasting impression. Both his tone and delivery are impressive, making it a standout this week. Don’t miss out—make sure to add this one to your playlists.

JESSIA | “Care About Me”

JESSIA recently released a new track, “Care About Me.” This song showcases remarkable creativity and serves as a perfect platform to display her vocals. The instrumentals complement her voice seamlessly, enhancing the overall listening experience. With its relatable lyrics, this track is a must-add to your playlists.

ARIA | “it’s over now”

ARIA just released a brand new single, “it’s over now.” This track delivers a refreshing indie vibe, adding a unique flavor to the listening experience. He skillfully showcases his vocals, maintaining the energy of the song effortlessly. Don’t overlook this one—be sure to include it in your playlists.

Connor McCutcheon | “Just Like That”

Connor McCutcheon just released a new track, “Just Like That.” His robust voice seems tailor-made for this genre, commanding attention effortlessly. He skillfully exhibits his vocal prowess while also demonstrating his storytelling abilities. Undoubtedly, this track stands out among the rest this week. Make sure to add this track to your playlists.

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Corella | “Head Underwater”

Corella recently released a brand new song, “Head Underwater.” This song exudes incredible energy, with outstanding vocals that demand attention. They skillfully maintain the song’s high energy while showcasing their vocals. Be sure to add this dynamic track to your playlists for an electrifying listening experience.

What did you think of New Music Friday, Pt. 2? Stay tuned to for all your music news and reviews.

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