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Johnny Orlando Releases New EP, “The Ride” | LISTEN HERE!

Johnny Orlando Releases New EP, “The Ride” | LISTEN HERE!

Johnny Orlando

There’s no definitive formula for moving forward, but with time, wounds can heal, leading to eventual closure. Canadian pop singer-songwriter Johnny Orlando delves into this journey of healing and moving on from a recent romantic setback in his latest EP, “The Ride,” released on Feb. 23. Orlando grapples with the question of how to heal after heartbreak throughout the eight-track EP, which was divided into three parts before culminating in a final, conclusive body of work.

The Ride” is a project where Johnny Orlando explores all the stages of a relationship when looking back on a failed first love. 

“The Ride” arrives nearly two years after Orlando’s debut full-length studio album, “All The Things That Could Go Wrong,” released in 2022. This album carries significant symbolism through the imagery of a butterfly, which has become emblematic of Orlando’s journey. Having matured in the public eye since posting covers on YouTube at the young age of 8, the now 21-year-old singer is recognized for his poignant reflections on growing up, adolescent experiences, and now, navigating the process of healing after heartbreak in his latest EP.

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