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Bryce Fox Releases New EP, The Bomb | LISTEN HERE!

Bryce Fox Releases New EP, The Bomb | LISTEN HERE!

Bryce Fox

Nashville-based alt-rock artist Bryce Fox is poised to make a significant impact with his upcoming EP, “The Bomb.” Exploring a range of themes centered around his new family navigating a chaotic world, Fox delivers a mature and expansive collection of songs. Collaborating with esteemed producer David Pramik (Machine Gun Kelly, X Ambassadors, Selena Gomez) and various writers, Fox crafts a sonic journey that blends diverse influences while drawing from his own All-American upbringing.

As he prepared for the arrival of his son in 2023, Fox found his lyrics infused with reflections on domestic life amidst humanity’s destructive tendencies. The Bomb is a testament to Fox’s evolution as an artist, showcasing themes of defiance, hope, and joy in the face of turbulent times.

Check out the full album below!

“Being married and having a kid really shaped this new music and gave it such a different tone,” Fox says. “I’m a concerned father and I’m definitely thinking about the world differently now. This new music is a lot deeper and the vibe is heavier, and I’m proud and excited that I was able to write an EP with as much depth across many different topics.”

“Trust Nobody”

“Trust Nobody” aptly demonstrates the breadth of his skills as Bryce Fox seamlessly transitions between rhythmic, sung-rapped verses and powerful, belted-out choruses. His versatility is shown throughout the entire song. This is such an intense song, from beginning to end. Absolutely beautifully crafted. A strong addition to this already incredible EP.

“World’s on Fire”

“World’s on Fire” is a midtempo, alt-rock anthem delving into political themes of divisiveness and misplaced priorities. Bryce Fox’s smooth vocals effortlessly convey the song’s message, imbuing each word with substantial meaning. Such an intense song with a very relatable message that a lot of people are going to gravitate towards. Here is what he had to say about this one.

“Some may say this is pretty self explanatory, however, this song is not specifically about climate change. It is specifically about the political divisiveness that we’ve been suckered in to and fooled by. It’s far more threatening to us and our existence than just climate change alone. I’m hoping the message of this song helps people realize in order to fight an outside threat, we can’t waste our energy fighting with each other.”


Bryce Fox’s EP kicks off with the dynamic single “RIOT,” marking his second collaboration with Nashville alt-artist Sam Tinnesz. The track serves as a stirring anthem, channeling themes of rage and rebellion against those who seek to control free speech and thought. With its explosive energy, driven by a hip-hop sample and a deep bassline groove, “RIOT” showcases Fox’s versatility as his smooth verses transition seamlessly into a powerful, screamed chorus. There is so much creativity and energy packed into this track. Absolutely stunning opening to this EP.


“Chemicals” serves as a poignant critique of society’s reliance on various forms of drugs, exploring their underlying causes. With its fuzzed-out guitars and distorted, infectious vocals, the song creates a hazy atmosphere reminiscent of the side effects associated with substance use.

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This song will resonate with many listeners due to its relatable themes. His powerful vocals shine once again, adding to the catchiness of the track. The overall quality of the EP is exceptional, showing off his impressive talent and musical range.

“‘Chemicals’ is a personal song for me about my experience with ‘living on chemicals’ throughout my struggles of anxiety, depression, alcoholism amongst other things. The paranoia of the unknown is what charged me to write this song. The knowledge we are finding out every day is enough to cast a doomsday-amount of doubt for our future. I am optimistic, however! I just hope our health and livelihoods are becoming more of a priority than the dollar.”


This EP concludes on a high note with a powerful track. Its catchy melody and expansive sound are elevated by Bryce Fox’s remarkable vocals. His unique sound sets him apart from others in the industry, showcasing his impressive talent. This track, along with the rest of the EP, deserves a spot on your playlists.

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