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BANNERS Releases New Album, All Back To Mine | Album Review!

BANNERS Releases New Album, All Back To Mine | Album Review!


We have featured BANNERS previously and now they are back with a full album, All Back To Mine.

The new album offers a collection of twelve uplifting tracks that inspire reflection and a renewed appreciation for life. With its positive and hopeful themes, the album encourages listeners to reach out to their support networks and express love and gratitude. Check out the full album below!

BANNERS Background

BANNERS, also known as Michael Nelson, embarked on a courageous journey to pursue his dreams, taking him to Canada for seven transformative years. Now, after an extended period away from his hometown, the English indie-pop singer-songwriter has returned to Liverpool.

In his early career, BANNERS sometimes found himself creating music that he believed others expected or wanted to hear. However, with All Back To Mine, he embraced a newfound confidence in his artistic identity. This time around, he prioritized creating music that resonated with his own tastes and passions. The album’s strength lies in its authenticity and sincerity, reflecting BANNERS’ genuine expression as an artist.

His latest release, All Back To Mine, delves into this significant chapter of his life, exploring the human experiences and reflections that accompany his homecoming.


“Name In Lights”

The album kicks off with a breathtaking vocal performance, perfectly complemented by stunning instrumental arrangements. It sets an incredibly high standard and establishes the tone for the rest of the album.

“Have You Ever Loved Someone”

This track starts with a more experimental sound, blending familiar undertones with a fresh approach. He showcases his unique ability to build tension in songs, leading to a powerful and memorable delivery.

“Anywhere For You”

This track has a more subdued sound, primarily driven by piano, providing the perfect backdrop for his vocals to shine. His voice, undeniably beautiful, takes center stage, captivating listeners throughout the song. It’s a standout moment on the album, showcasing his vocal power and emotional depth.

“In Your Universe”

The track has a grand and expansive feel to it, with layers of instrumentation creating a rich sonic landscape. BANNERS’ vocals soar effortlessly over the music, adding depth and emotion to the song. The relatable themes explored in the lyrics are likely to resonate with many listeners, making it a standout track.

“There Goes My Girl”

The upbeat tempo and energetic vibe of this song really drive it forward, creating a dynamic listening experience. His vocals, which already have a powerful presence, seem to reach new heights in this track, adding an extra layer of excitement and intensity. It’s truly an incredible display of talent and musicality.

“C’est La Vie”

The track’s upbeat tempo gives it an infectious energy, but what really sets it apart is its unique vibe. When it transitions into the acoustic sections, His voice takes center stage, showcasing his storytelling prowess. His ability to weave narratives within his music is evident throughout the album, adding depth and richness to each song.

“The Best View In Liverpool”

This song hits differently, eliciting strong emotions and tugging at the heartstrings. He has a remarkable ability to use his voice to captivate listeners, drawing them in and demanding their full attention. It’s a stunning performance that leaves a lasting impact.

“Perfectly Broken (Duet Version)”

With this track, he teamed up with Lily Meola for an incredible duet. Both of their vocals are mesmerizing. This is an absolutely beautiful partnership that features both sets of vocals in perfect harmony. Stunning song that is a must have for your playlists.

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“Broken Hearted”

This track is undeniably one of the highlights of the album, reminiscent of the infectious energy found in his hit song “Someone To You.” BANNERS showcases his mastery in crafting songs that build up anticipation and release an explosion of energy, captivating listeners with his dynamic performance.

“Tell You I Love You”

What makes this album truly special is its ability to offer diverse tracks, each with its own unique vibe, yet all capable of evoking the same emotional response with every listen. His vocals shine brightly throughout this song as well, delivering a beautiful performance.

“Life’s Just No Fun”

This song is truly beautiful, with outstanding vocals that shine throughout. He skillfully balances showcasing their vocal prowess while ensuring the story of the song remains prominent. This one is a must add to your playlists.

“All That You Made Me”

This is such a beautiful track that shows off his vocals perfectly. The piano in the background perfectly pairs well with his voice. Definitely a standout of the album. It is genuinely impressive that this was recorded in one take. A strong end to a perfect album.

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All Back to Mine is out now via Nettwerk Music Group.

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