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Wild Wednesday | June 7th, 2023

Wild Wednesday | June 7th, 2023

Wild Wednesday

We are back with our Wild Wednesday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

WizTheMc | “Summer is Over”

Hailing from South Africa, growing up in Germany, and later relocating to Toronto to pursue his musical journey, WizTheMC, a versatile rapper and pop artist, seamlessly blends various styles and genres to create a vibrant and sun-kissed sound. Recently, he unveiled his latest release, “Summer is Over,” a meticulously crafted track that deserves high praise. His vocals soar effortlessly throughout the song, showcasing his exceptional talent. This week, his performance stands out as remarkable and noteworthy. Don’t miss out on the brilliance of this song – be sure to include it in your playlists for an uplifting and captivating musical experience.

Madison Beer | “Home to Another One”

Madison Beer, a singer-songwriter-producer with platinum-selling status, has just unveiled her latest single, “Home To Another One”. This summer anthem beautifully showcases Madison’s ethereal voice within a dynamic and lively production. The song made its debut on Radio 1 as their “Most Popular Song in the World” recently, and it was written and produced by Madison herself, alongside Leroy Clampitt. Accompanying the single is a visually stunning music video, directed by Madison and Aerin Moreno, which vividly brings the lyrics to life as Madison discovers that her otherworldly lover had been unfaithful throughout their relationship. Don’t miss out on this track – be sure to add it to your playlists.

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