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Tune in Thursday | July 6th, 2023

Tune in Thursday | July 6th, 2023

Tune in Thursday

We are back with our Tune in Thursday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Samuel Jack | “Borderline”

Hailing from London, Samuel Jack presents a unique and captivating sound characterized by his emotive storytelling lyrics and smooth, velvety vocals. With a childhood spent in Johannesburg, where his father worked as a film director, Jack was immersed in the rich sounds of Blues, Motown, Soul, and Roots music, influences that continue to shape his songwriting. His latest release, “Borderline,” showcases his exceptional talent. The song exudes an intense energy that beautifully complements his powerful vocals. It is undoubtedly a standout track this week, deserving a spot on your playlists.

HARBER feat Sydtherockerkid | “Medicine”

Emerging as a prominent figure in the electronic dance music scene, HARBER, a Billboard-charting artist, has taken the music circuit by storm in recent years. With roots in New York City, the 26-year-old talent is a versatile producer, DJ, songwriter, and musician, currently associated with the Lowly label. Collaborating with Sydtherockerkid, HARBER has released a new track titled “Medicine.” This high-energy song places significant emphasis on the captivating vocals, resulting in a memorable and captivating performance. Production is also on point as well. Don’t miss the opportunity to include this track on your playlists.

Karim Panzetta | “Flashback”

Karim Panzetta, an aspiring artist, is making significant strides in his music career and presents his latest release, “Flashback.” This meticulously crafted song showcases Panzetta’s exceptional talent and dedication. The production of the track is impressive, with careful attention to detail. It skillfully highlights Panzetta’s captivating vocals, allowing his talent to shine through without compromising the energetic nature of the song. “Flashback” stands out as a noteworthy addition to this week’s releases, deserving a place on your playlists.

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