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Top Notch Tuesday | September 26th, 2023

Top Notch Tuesday | September 26th, 2023


We are back with our Top Notch Tuesday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

The Marvelous Acceptance | “Out of Time”

The Marvelous Acceptance recently released a new track, “Out Of Time.” The new track is undoubtedly infused with a vibrant energy and carries a refreshing indie vibe that compliments their vocals impeccably. Their ability to showcase strong vocals while maintaining the song’s energetic spirit is commendable. This track is a must-add to your playlists.

Petit Biscuit | “You Don’t Ignore (Too Late)”

Petit Biscuit, the acclaimed French electronic music producer, stands out as a prominent independent artist in the modern music scene. His impressive achievements and worldwide acclaim are a testament to his exceptional talent. In his recent release, “Don’t Ignore (Too Late),” Petit Biscuit showcases his creativity by placing his vocals at the forefront, resulting in a captivating and inventive song. Don’t miss out on this track—ensure to add it to your playlists.

Wallis | “Skin”

Wallis McDowall, (Wallis) a talented 25-year-old singer from Barrow-In-Furness in the North West of England, has showcased her passion for singing since a young age. Her recent release, “Skin,” is a finely crafted song that embodies a refreshing R&B vibe, blending seamlessly with her captivating vocals. Wallis possesses a distinctive voice that effortlessly grabs attention and stands out in the musical landscape. Don’t miss out on this remarkable track—be sure to include it in your playlists.

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