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Top Notch Tuesday | May 23rd, 2023

Top Notch Tuesday | May 23rd, 2023


We are back again with our Top Notch Tuesday. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

KennyHoopla | “YOU NEEDED A HIT//”

Pop/punk continues to thrive, and KennyHoopla is at the forefront of this movement. The talented American artist has already released a string of impressive songs, catching the attention of none other than Travis Barker. But it’s not just Barker’s support that sets KennyHoopla apart; his live performances have also garnered widespread acclaim. Last summer, he wowed audiences at renowned festivals like Pinkpop and Rock Werchter, leaving a lasting impact. While the journey hasn’t been without its challenges, KennyHoopla has bounced back with renewed strength and vigor, evident in his latest single “YOU NEEDED A HIT//”. The energy is palpable right from the opening notes, delivering an exhilarating rush that courses through your veins. Undoubtedly a standout release. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this gem to your playlists.

Kyle Lucas | “Anna’s song”

Kyle Lucas is an incredibly skilled songwriter, gifted with the ability to craft music that strikes an emotional chord. With each new release, his goal is to convey a meaningful message and establish a profound connection with his audience. Through poignant lyrics and captivating melodies, Kyle Lucas has the remarkable ability to unite people and ignite inspiration with his distinct voice and artistic perspective. Recently, he unveiled his latest creation, “Anna’s song.” Within this mesmerizing track, his vocals take center stage, delivering a breathtaking performance. It is an absolute marvel. Be sure to include this gem in your playlists.

Amistat | “keep your head up”

Amistat, the musical duo consisting of twin brothers Josef and Jan Prasil, were born in Germany and brought up in Italy. With their family roots tracing back to Czech Republic and Australia, they later relocated to Australia in pursuit of their musical aspirations. Recently, they unveiled their latest release, “keep your head up.” This track is a stunning showcase of their talent, delivering an exquisite performance that is truly captivating. Their harmonies intertwine flawlessly, further enhancing the beauty of the song. Be sure to include this gem in your playlists for an enriching musical experience.

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