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Top Notch Tuesday | April 25th, 2023

Top Notch Tuesday | April 25th, 2023


We are back with our Top Notch Tuesday playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

LILO + Saint Young | “Hopeless”

The latest addition to LILO‘s music collection is “Hopeless,” featuring Saint Young and it is quite an impressive track. The infectious instrumentals blend seamlessly with the vocals, showcasing the group’s vocal prowess without sacrificing the song’s energy. “Hopeless” is undeniably one of the most remarkable songs this week, and it is highly recommended that you add it to your playlists.

KID TRAVIS + Just Shad | “Same Location”

KID TRAVIS has been featured on multiple occasions, and he’s back with a fresh new track titled “Same Location.” The song is remarkably crafted, boasting an infectious melody that perfectly complements its dynamic energy. KID TRAVIS‘ powerful and distinctive voice is prominently showcased in this piece, highlighting his immense talent. “Same Location” is yet another exceptional performance by this gifted artist, and you should add it to your playlists.

Totten Bridge | “Perfect Day”

Totten Bridge, hailing from the bustling city of New York, creates music that is as diverse and unique as the city itself. The band refuses to be pigeonholed into a specific rock genre and instead aims to create a universal sound that can resonate with any audience. According to Totten Bridge, “all art is good… to somebody!” The band relies on infectious melodies and tight musical arrangements, culminating in anthemic sing-a-long choruses that make their music undoubtedly rock with a blend of British and American influences. Their music also incorporates elements of pop, folk, Motown, and EDM from various eras, ranging from old classics to contemporary alternatives, which is what sets Totten Bridge apart and defines their sound. We have featured them previously, and now they are back with a new track, “Perfect Day.” The latest track is a well-executed masterpiece. The energy is contagious and perfectly showcases the their vocal prowess. It is undoubtedly a standout performance that should not be missed. Make sure to add this track to your playlist.

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