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Sunday Funday Roundup | July 9th, 2023

Sunday Funday Roundup | July 9th, 2023


We are back with our Sunday Funday Roundup. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Alex Zind | “Don’t Let Me Down”

Hailing from Germany, Alex Zind is a highly versatile artist, excelling as a producer, pianist, composer, and remixer. His ability to seamlessly navigate between various styles and genres, including Deep House, Pop, Dance, and Indie, is truly unparalleled. Recently, he unveiled his latest creation, “Don’t Let Me Down.” This track is a testament to his exceptional talent and meticulous craftsmanship. The vocals on this song are truly outstanding, captivating listeners with their expressive delivery. They skillfully showcase the range and emotion of the vocals without compromising the vibrant energy that drives the song. It’s an absolute must-add to your playlists.

Back To Yours | “I Must Be Confused”

Emerging as a talented five-piece indie-rock and alternative-pop band, Back to Yours brings together a group of friends who share a passion for music. The band consists of Aiden Jones on bass, Bryce Kassalow on guitar and vocals, Daniel Luttway on keys and vocals, Jiaan Mansuri on drums, and Tommy Levin on guitar and vocals. Their musical journey began during their time at Georgetown University in 2018, where they started playing together and honing their craft. Recently, they unveiled their latest offering, “I Must Be Confused.” This song is a testament to their exceptional musicianship and artistry. The instrumentals on this track are truly outstanding, creating a captivating backdrop that perfectly complements the vocals. With its infectious energy and remarkable sound, “I Must Be Confused” stands out as a notable release this week. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this track to your playlists and experience the magic of Back to Yours.

Isabel LaRosa | “eyes don’t lie”

Growing up in the vibrant music scene of Annapolis, MD, Isabel LaRosa was immersed in a world of melodies and rhythms from an early age. Surrounded by her father’s saxophone and her brother’s guitar, she was captivated by the power of music. Fueled by these musical influences, Isabel and her brother began their journey as a songwriting duo during their elementary school days. Now, Isabel LaRosa takes center stage with her latest release, “eyes don’t lie.” This track exudes a cool and captivating vibe that resonates with listeners. Her vocals are beautifully delivered, showcasing her talent and passion. The production of the track is meticulously crafted, creating a seamless blend of sound and atmosphere. “eyes don’t lie” is a remarkable addition to Isabel LaRosa’s discography, and it’s a track that deserves a prominent spot on your playlists.

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