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Review | Kelly Clarkson Releases ‘chemistry’ Album | LISTEN HERE!

Review | Kelly Clarkson Releases ‘chemistry’ Album | LISTEN HERE!

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson just released her highly anticipated album, ‘chemistry.’ Listen to the full album below!

She also released videos of each song, which you can check out below!

“skip this part”


“high road”


“down to you”


“favorite kind of high”



“rock hudson”

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“my mistake”

“red flag collector”

“i hate love” feat. Steve Martin

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This album is an absolute masterpiece. It beautifully showcases her storytelling prowess, with each song serving as a testament to her talent. The upbeat tracks exude a refreshing energy while maintaining their inherent power. Meanwhile, the ballads, such as “mine,” “me,” “lighthouse,” and “skip this part,” reveal her vulnerability in an exceptional manner. This entire album represents her finest work to date, combining the essence of “My December,” “Breakaway,” “Meaning of Life,” and even a touch of “Piece by Piece.” It is my hope that this album receives the recognition it truly deserves, as it is a once-in-a-lifetime masterpiece where Clarkson delivers an outstanding performance across the board.


Kelly Clarkson

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