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New Music Friday Pt. 1 | June 2nd, 2023

New Music Friday Pt. 1 | June 2nd, 2023

New Music

We are back with our New Music Friday, Pt. 1. Check out the new music and reviews below!


The moniker Yung Gravy speaks volumes, embodying perpetual youthfulness and an undeniable “sauce” factor. Yung Gravy employs his unique recipe to infuse originality and positivity into his music, leaving an unmistakable mark on the genre. With a fervent passion for soul music and oldies, Gravy incorporates an extensive range of musical styles spanning from the 1940s to the present day in his production. Nostalgic melodies seamlessly blend with hard-hitting trap drums, serving as the familiar backdrop for his distinct baritone vocals. Effortless flows and memorable lyrics are his artistic brushstrokes, painting a truly exceptional sonic landscape. In just six years, Gravy has transitioned from a prominent figure on Soundcloud to a platinum-selling powerhouse. His latest release, “STRAWBERRIES & CREAMIN’,” is accompanied by an animated visual on YouTube, featuring vibrant horns, simmering drumbeats, and Gravy himself exclaiming, “Dr Pepper season, sip it to completion.” With its infectious energy and bold musical elements, “Strawberries & Creamin'” is a must-add to your playlists.

Chris Noah | “Take A Minute”

Chris Noah, an artist based in Riga, captivates audiences with his seamless blend of indie rock and catchy pop. His guitar-infused sound, coupled with an authentic voice and captivating melodies, has garnered him immense popularity in his homeland. Having performed at renowned festivals in Latvia such as Positivus and Summer Sound, as well as international stages like Reeperbahn Festival in Germany and Tallinn Music Week, and securing supporting slots for acclaimed artists including Tom Odell, LP, and The Naked And Famous, Noah has established himself as one of the region’s most promising musical exports. His latest release, “Take A Minute,” is a testament to his talent. The indie vibe resonates perfectly with his vocals, creating a captivating synergy. Undoubtedly a standout track this week, be sure to add it to your playlists.

Haiden | “Pretty Little Addict”

Haiden, an up-and-coming pop artist hailing from LA, has unveiled his newest single, “Pretty Little Addict,” providing a poignant portrayal of the challenges faced in toxic relationships and struggles with addiction. This bold and expressive track serves as a compelling preview of his forthcoming sophomore EP, titled Choke on My Heart, where he delves even further into his newfound vulnerability. With “Pretty Little Addict,” Haiden fearlessly channels his bitter and angry emotions, juxtaposing them with infectious pop melodies that are simply irresistible. Be sure to include this captivating song in your playlists.

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