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Monday Music Madness | September 18th, 2023

Monday Music Madness | September 18th, 2023


We are back with our Monday Music Madness. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

A Story Told | “Rodeo”

A Story Told has recently unveiled their new track, “Rodeo,” and it’s an exceptionally well-crafted piece. The instrumentals are captivating and harmonize seamlessly with their vocals, presenting a beautiful musical blend. The overall production is on point, showcasing their talent and dedication to their craft. Undoubtedly, this track is a standout this week and deserves a spot on your playlists. Don’t miss out—be sure to add “Rodeo” to your musical collection.

Noak Hellsing | “Get Real”

Noak Hellsing, a 20-year-old emerging artist from Stockholm, has been making waves in the Swedish pop scene. His recent release, “Get Real,” undeniably embodies a captivating vibe. The instrumentals are enthralling, perfectly complimenting his vocals. Hellsing possesses a voice that grabs your attention and leaves a lasting impression. This track is undoubtedly a standout this week and should find a place on your playlists.

Karim Panzetta | “Sheets”

Karim Panzetta, returning with his latest track “Sheets,” continues to impress with his music. This song is exceptionally well-crafted, featuring captivating instrumentals that harmonize seamlessly with his vocals. His voice is truly standout and undoubtedly leaves a lasting impression. This track deserves a prominent place on your playlists.

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