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Monday Music Madness | June 12th, 2023

Monday Music Madness | June 12th, 2023


We are back with our Monday Music Madness playlist. Check out the full tracks and reviews below!

Livi Jacobs | “Should’ve Known”

Singer-songwriter Livi Jacobs, originally from Vienna and now based in Florida, has unveiled her latest touching single, “Should’ve Known.” This poignant composition delves into the raw and honest emotions that accompany the end of relationships, offering a heartfelt exploration of pain and introspection. Livi takes listeners on an emotional journey through her heartfelt storytelling, vividly portraying the universal experiences of love and loss. With her exceptional vocal abilities, she effortlessly showcases her talent while staying true to the essence of the song. Be sure to add this track to your playlists.

RVSHVD | “For The Streets”

Hailing from Willacoochee, GA, RVSHVD, a 25-year-old artist, embarked on his musical journey a decade ago. It was during his early teenage years, while immersing himself in rap beats, that RVSHVD discovered his aptitude for songwriting. Having previously featured him, we are thrilled to present his latest release, “For The Streets.” This song exemplifies exceptional craftsmanship. Overflowing with vibrant energy, RVSHVD’s vocals shine brightly, commanding the spotlight. Don’t forget to include this remarkable track in your playlists.

Rowan Drake | “How Do I Love Again”

Emerging singer-songwriter Rowan Drake has recently unveiled his inaugural EP, “Dear Ella,” through Arthouse Records/Atlantic Records. This EP represents the artistic journey of a young musician in the midst of significant life transformations, including his departure from his hometown to pursue his career in Los Angeles and the universally relatable experience of losing his first profound love. The EP features the poignant and heart-wrenching single “How Do I Love Again,” which explores the notion of rediscovering love after enduring a devastating heartbreak. Additionally, it offers a collection of eight other introspective tracks that showcase Drake’s vulnerability. Be sure to include this remarkable EP in your playlists.

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