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Monday Music Madness | July 31st, 2023

Monday Music Madness | July 31st, 2023


We are back with some new tracks and reviews for Monday Music Madness. Check them out below!

Zachary Wayne x Nia C. C. | “Soulmates Overpass”

We have featured Zachary Wayne previously. Now, he has teamed up with Nia C. C., for a new track, “Soulmates Overpass.” The new song is truly impressive. It wonderfully captures the nostalgic 80’s vibe, which is incredibly refreshing to hear. The vocals are of the highest quality, and the production is nothing short of outstanding. The performance is absolutely stunning, leaving a lasting impact on the listener. This track is a must-add to your playlists.

Krrysopher | “Homesick”

Krrysopher, also known as Maria Juganaru, is a highly talented Romanian singer-songwriter who gained recognition as a finalist on the TV show Superstar 2021. Her exceptional talent and skills impressed the judges, quickly making her one of the most talked-about contestants in the competition. Not only is Krrysopher an outstanding singer, but she is also a gifted musician, proficient in playing the piano, electric and acoustic guitar, as well as the ukulele from a young age. Recently, she unveiled her latest creation, “Homesick,” a remarkable track where her vocals take center stage. The song is skillfully crafted and showcases her immense musical prowess. Be sure to add “Homesick” to your playlists.

Connie Talbot | “Growing Pains”

Connie Talbot, hailing from a small area near Birmingham, has always understood the power of music to evoke emotions. At just 6 years old, she captured the world’s attention with her mesmerizing cover of “Over the Rainbow” on Britain’s Got Talent in 2007. Now, at 22 years old, Connie is ready to showcase the artist she has evolved into over the past two decades. Recently, she released a new track titled “Growing Pains,” a true masterpiece where her vocals shine brightly at the forefront. This well-crafted song is a testament to her musical growth and talent. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Connie Talbot’s musical artistry; be sure to add “Growing Pains” to your playlists.

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