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Kelly Clarkson To Make An Impact On The Charts

Kelly Clarkson To Make An Impact On The Charts

Kelly Clarkson

With the new release of the new Kelly Clarkson tracks, “mine,” and “me,” she is set to make an impact on the charts. Her new album, chemistry, is her most liked album announcement on social media, surpassing her last studio album, “Meaning Of Life.” To make sure that both songs chart higher this week, we have included some different ways to stream the new singles.

If you choose to stream on Spotify or Apple Music, make sure that you do it from a unique playlist, which we have included below. Apparently streaming from the artist page over and over, could be considered spam, and won’t be counted towards the streaming counts.

If you use Amazon Music, click this link to stream her music, or just search it directly from your Amazon Music app on your device.

Also, if you plan on requesting for a play on a radio station, feel free to send them a tweet, requesting to play, “mine,” or “me,” as seen by Team Kelly Clarkson below

You can always do it the old fashioned way, and call in directly to the radio station, during their request periods.

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Kelly Clarkson

Let’s make this double release, Kelly Clarkson’s biggest release to date.

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