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Kelly Clarkson Releases Two New Singles – Listen Here

Kelly Clarkson Releases Two New Singles – Listen Here

Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson just released two new singles “Me” and “Mine,” from her 10th studio album Chemistry, the American Idol alum shared the lyrics to the tracks—which both appear to be about getting over a breakup. Alongside emojis of a wine glass, broken heart and sun, Kelly wrote on Instagram April 13, “Here are the lyrics so y’all can learn them before it’s out.”

In her latest single “Me,” Kelly sings about the loss of her identity during a tumultuous relationship. The poignant lyrics, “Loved you so much / Took an army to pull me up, But now on the other side / I remembered I could fly,” highlight her journey to reclaim her sense of self. Additionally, the song’s chorus appears to reference her 2015 single “Piece by Piece,” which explored the impact of her then husband Brandon Blackstock on her life, specifically how he helped “fill the holes” left by her parents’ divorce.

Kelly recently unveiled her first non-holiday album since her divorce. Titled “Chemistry,” the album chronicles the various stages of a romantic relationship, as Kelly explains in an Instagram post from March 26th. Instead of reducing the complex nature of a partnership to a single emotion, Kelly aimed to capture the “good, the bad, and the ugly” aspects of love in the album. As such, Chemistry offers a multifaceted look at relationships that is sure to resonate with listeners.

Check out both singles below and give the playlist a follow.

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