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Karim Panzetta Releases New EP, ‘In The Shadows’

Karim Panzetta Releases New EP, ‘In The Shadows’

Karim Panzetta

We have featured Karim Panzetta quite a few times and now he just released a new EP, ‘In The Shadows.’ Check out the tracks below!

Karim Panzetta is a rising artist, songwriter, and vocalist who is fully committed to crafting his own musical journey. His distinctive style blends elements from pop, R&B, and EDM genres, resulting in a sound that truly captures the attention of his audience. With a deep passion for his craft, he not only creates captivating melodies but also pens thought-provoking lyrics. Karim’s dedication extends to producing his own music, showcasing his multi-faceted talents. As he navigates this exciting phase of his career, he’s poised to make a significant impact on the music scene.


The new EP as a whole is a remarkable piece of work. The energy it exudes is simply electrifying. The vocals are nothing short of stunning and are showcased in the most impactful manner. The production is also exceptionally well-executed. Undoubtedly, this EP stands out as one of our favorite releases of the week. Don’t miss the chance to add this outstanding EP to your playlists.

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